New dad Jamie Oliver criticised for holding Buddy Bear the wrong way!

Sleep deprived dad-of-four told off after being spotted with his newborn son’s head unsupported whilst out shopping

Poor Jamie Oliver! After helping out his wife Jools who gave birth last week to the couple’s fourth child, exhausted looking Jamie has been slammed for the way he’s been seen holding his son, Buddy Bear.


Resting on the crook of Jamie’s left arm, little Buddy looked quite content despite his head flopping down slightly. It’s recommended that parents need to support their newborn baby’s head and neck with their hand or arm, but the 35-year-old did it his own way.

However, it doesn’t seem to bother Buddy who slept peacefully swaddled in his blanket.


“Jamie is fully aware of the need to support the baby’s head and does so, as most fathers would. Having had four children, he does know the rules,” Jamie’s spokesperson has said.


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