New mum Kimberley Walsh: sleep vs partner Justin – who wins?

It's a toughie but the Girls Aloud star admits partner Justin Scott doesn’t get a look in


New mum Kimberley Walsh has admitted that although she could spend more time with her partner Justin Scott at the moment, there’s something she’d much rather be doing… sleep!


Well, seeing as baby Bobby is just 7 weeks old, we’re not surprised that sleep is the most important thing right now.

“Justin and I could have more time together but I’d have to sacrifice my sleep and, at the moment, it’s not worth it!” she told OK! magazine.

And the Girls Aloud singer says her night owl days are way behind her. “Before I had Bobby I rarely went to bed before midnight, but now I’m crawling under the covers at 10pm,” she said.

Meanwhile, Kimberley’s best mate Cheryl Fernandez-Versini has been gushing over how well Kimberley is doing.

“I know Cheryl called me an ‘instant mum’ in an interview,” Kimberley said. “It’s nice to hear a friend say you’re doing well – I’ve always wanted to be a mum.”

And although newlywed Cheryl says she has no plans to start a brood just yet, she already considers Bobby part of her family.

“Kimberley just had a little boy who I consider a nephew,” she told The Mirror. “I don’t need my own right now.”

Photo: Twitter / Kimberley Walsh

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