New mum Natalie Cassidy shares her ‘sore’ labour experience

Former EastEnders actress admits she was upset about having a caesarean, how she’s feeling rough post-labour and announces her baby daughter’s name!

After news broke yesterday that actress Natalie Cassidy had given birth to a baby girl, the 27-year-old new mum has now revealed she’s calling her baby Eliza Beatrice.


Talking to OK! magazine, the former EastEnders star explained she had to have a caesarean – much to her dismay! “We were planning a natural birth. At one point I was even thinking of having a home birth, so I was really upset when I realised it was going to be a caesarean,” revealed Natalie. “I was sobbing my heart out. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it just seemed like such a ‘celebrity’ thing to do.”

Natalie, who gave birth last Tuesday, also admitted that she is still feeling the effects of the labour – warts and all! “I’ve got ulcers in my mouth, I’m sore from the operation, my boobs hurt from breastfeeding and I’m constipated… but I’m so happy!” Natalie shared.


However, despite her upset and post-labour health niggles, the new mum couldn’t be happier. “We’re amazing! Were on cloud nine. We keep crying all the time. I can’t believe she’s ours, she’s so beautiful,” Natalie gushed.

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