New safety campaign to get kids wearing cycling helmets

Department of Transport reports more cyclists injured in road accidents


A campaign calling for a law to make cycling helmets compulsory for children has been launched this week.


The campaign, called Lids for Kids, comes in response to Department of Transport figures out this week show a 12% rise in the number of cyclists injured in road accidents in 2011 compared to 2010.

All bicycle-related injuries have been increasing since 2007.

Peter McCabe, Chief Executive of Headway, the brain injury association leading the campaign, said, “The evidence is clear – cycle helmets can save lives and help prevent lifelong disability. We believe all cyclists should wear helmets, particularly vulnerable road users such as children.”

British Superbike (BSB) champion Tommy Hill is also part of the campaign, which calls on scientific evidence that shows children are less likely to suffer brain injuries if wearing a helmet.

Ed Fletcher, Director of Fletchers law firm, also involved in the campaign, said, “Cycling can be dangerous and while adults can take some responsibility for their own safety, children are less aware of the serious consequences of cycling without a helmet on our busy roads.”

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