7 new school mum fails – have you done any of these?

As her 4-year-old daughter reaches the half-way mark on her second term in Reception, one mum reflects on all the things she's got wrong so far...


My daughter’s now past the half-way mark on her second term of Reception. Woo hoo! And how’s it gone so far? 


Being one of the scattiest, most disorganised mums I know, surprisingly well I’d say. Though of course there has been the odd hiccup (have you done any of these?) including…

1. Burning her school shirt by putting it in the microwave

Yep, this one sounds ridiculous but it’s absolutely true. After a night-before wash of her pen-stained school shirt, I was struggling to get it dry. We have no tumble drier and our boiler’s on the blink (so no heating) and with her school shirt a little damp 10 minutes before she had to go school I thought popping it in the microwave might work.

It didn’t. Well, it got hot, and burnt a hole right through. We had to put her in a t-shirt and tell her not to take her jumper off all day. Oops. Before you ask we do have more than one school shirt – we have 2…

One was lost (found a couple of weeks later lurking under her bed.) Please don’t judge.

Must buy more shirts. Oh – and sort out the boiler.

2. Forgetting Mufti Day

On a day when Bodhi Rae was actually beautifully dressed for school we turned up to find it was own clothes day – the theme was spots. I didn’t get the memo. Ok, that’s a lie – I did and it was in her book bag, left unread.

Note to self: check book bag every day. 

On the upside Bodhi Rae’s dad came to the rescue and kitted her out in more spots than the whole rest of the school put together when I alerted him to my major mum-fail on my way to work. Phew. We won that back. Just.

3. Nearly missing a school trip

This I can gain blame on NOT CHECKING THE BOOK BAG. The note was in there. I just didn’t find it. Until it was ALMOST too late. Luckily a total star from morning club gave me a spare one and Bodhi Rae went to the play. Hooray!

4. Losing the superstar trophy

Well if ever there was a proud moment, it was Bodhi Rae winning the superstar trophy – for writing potato, cauliflower and her name. What we didn’t realise was that someone wins the superstar trophy every day. If we’d have known we had to take it back to school the very next day after she’d won it, of course we’d have left it in a safe place.

Not next to Bodhi Rae’s bed, where it got knocked off the shelf, rolled under the bed and ended up neatly next to her OTHER school shirt. Oops again.


5. Not naming stuff

Plimsolls and a cardigan have gone missing. Fair enough the plimsolls might not have been named but I’m pretty sure the cardigan was.

Though have you noticed how names written in ink wash off but somehow the massive splodges of pen they get all over their white shirts seem to stay on there for ever? Annoying.

Must order sew-in name badges. And actually sew them in…

6. Buying the wrong colour gym pants

Everything at Bodhi Rae’s school seems to generally be white/red/grey/black – tights, jumper, dress… so I bought red gym pants. Seemed OK and they were on the Tesco site, right? Wrong. Gym pants should be black only. No white or red or grey. Lesson learnt. I’ll order some for next term…

7. Forgetting it’s pyjama day

Ah-ha! Now this is one I can safely say I am NOT going to do. The last day of term falls this Friday and it also happens to be pyjama day. I have bought new pjs for Bodhi Rae for the occasion, and have made a note a) in my diary b) on my kitchen calendar and c) on my phone alarm. What could possibly go wrong?

Just days before the second half of term starts I have TOTALLY turned over a new leaf. I think…

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