A new mum has come home from a shopping trip with something more special than a brand new pair of heels!


Michelle Collins went into labour at a Clark’s factory outlet in Street, Somerset, and gave birth to her son in the staff room with the help of two paramedics.

The mum-of-two who gave birth earlier than expected, has even called her new baby boy Ethan Clark, after the shoe chain. Ethan weighed 8lb 15oz.

“I didn’t get any of my shopping but I did leave with a baby,” Michelle said.

“I’m so grateful to all the staff who helped me and helped to look after my daughter, Jodie, while I was otherwise engaged.

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“Staff there were brilliant and kept Jodie occupied by chatting with her they even found her some pens and paper so she could so some drawings.”

Michelle from nearby Clutton, thanked the staff and members of the public who helped when she unexpectedly gave birth last month.

“We’re so grateful to everyone in Street for their help in making sure Ethan got here,” she said.

“He’s a lovely baby and we’re doing really well.”

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