New soothing tea for pregnant women

A new range of teas has been launched to make your pregnancy stress free , one MFM mum tested it out…

Raspberry Leaf Tea

There are four flavours available

If you’ve given up your morning cup of caffeine is often frowned upon in pregnancy? You may want to try a new herbal tea especially designed for pregnant women.


Cheryl Macdonald is the brains behind Yogabellies, an organisation dedicated to making pregnancy run as smoothly as possible. She has recently launched a range of herbal teas to help combat niggly problems such as heartburn and nausea.

Cheryl, founder of Yogabellies, says, “When I was pregnant myself I found it very difficult to find nice caffeine free teas which were safe for pregnancy and nursing and felt I always had to check the safety of the ingredients and I really missed my cuppa!”

Ready Berry tea containing raspberry leaf is designed to be drunk towards the end of your pregnancy in preparation and can be drunk from 36 weeks onwards. The raspberry leaf tea also features rosehip, nettle and spearmint making up a tasty herbal brew.

One MFM member, “Chasing Adi” from South Lanarkshire got the opportunity to put her taste buds to the test. “The name “ready berry” is a bit misleading, as the main flavour of the tea is definitely the mint, the raspberry is more of a footnote but other than that it’s really refreshing and light. Mint teas are good for helping with nausea and aiding digestion so if you’ve got a jippy tummy, this tea should ease your suffering a bit! I can see myself getting through my packet quite quickly!”


The tea retails at £4.39 for 50 grams and you can buy the tea exclusively from the official website.

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