New TV highlights for toddlers

Round-up of the top new telly programmes for tots


This autumn sees the introduction of lots of new TV shows for pre-schoolers. The WotWots are back on Channel 5’s Milkshake programme for a second series. This time, mischievous baby aliens Spottywot and Dottywot move from their home in the zoo to a farm and a beach.


WotWots creator Martin Baynton, who also provides the voice for Spottywot, explains that making the show is a real family affair, “My son is the director and my daughter is the lead writer, so I think there’s actually a lot of similarities between the aliens and my children!”

The narrator of WotWots, granny favourite Nicholas Parsons, seems to agree. “I’ve fallen in love with the aliens; they’re like my surrogate children!”

Also new for autumn is Nick Jr morning show ‘Wake up World’, a daily block of programmes that gives preschoolers a fun and educational start to the day. The shows, starting from 7am, vary from well-known favourites like ‘Dora the Explorer’ to new programme ‘Are you ready?’, which guides children through their morning routine. It also includes a clock on the screen, which allows kids to build their awareness of time.


Finally, Ni Hao Kai-Ian on Nick Jr allows toddlers to join animated character Kai-Ian on a play-along, think-along adventure. Kai-Ian speaks both English and Mandarin and helps youngsters learn about the culture and language of China. It seems it’s never too early to learn!

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