New wipes to hit shelves next week

Huggies has designed a wipe to do it all - for just £1 a pack.


Next week, a new type of Huggies wipe will reach store shelves near you. The new Huggies Baby Wipes are designed for everyday use – cleaning toddler faces, wiping sticky hands and surfaces, and yes, removing your makeup.


We all use our baby wipes for more than just cleaning what a dirty nappy leaves behind, and it seems that Huggies has tapped into just how many purposes a wipe can have. It also appears that Huggies understands that baby wipes can be a bit pricey when you need to use them so often, for so many things. These new wipes are designed for feeding time, messy play, or any cleaning up of a baby or toddler you need to do, and have a price that helps makes them a real everyday item – a pack of 64 is £1.

Huggies Baby Wipes are alcohol-free, made from 98% water and have a cucumber scent. Huggies has also commented that they won’t leave a soapy residue behind. And, because the wipes are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin, they are still fine to use on a dirty bottom.


We’ve got our hands on the wipes before they hit the market, and you can read our review of Huggies Baby Wipes right now!

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