The New Year’s parenting resolutions we’re making

Forget the health kick, this year we're just planning to get the basics right...


This year, we’re not about to promise to swap pasta for courgetti or Poldark for pilates. Instead of the usual doomed health kick, we’re going to focus on the things that really matter.


Like claiming the TV back from the kids and spending less time on our hands and knees scrubbing bolognese from under the high chair.

Check out our parenting resolutions…


1. Spend less time cleaning food off the floor

No, we’re not about to leave all those fish fingers there to rot (tempting as it is). We’re going to get more adventurous with our cooking so they’re less likely to splat their food on the floor in the first place. That’ll work, right?


2. Less tears at bedtime

This is the year we nail a sleep routine and reclaim our evenings. The sooner they’re asleep, the sooner we can have a nice glass of wine and catch up with Homeland. Ohh… wait…. ZZZZZZZZ.


3. Less screen time

Yes, we all know a Peppa Pig marathon is handy every now and again. But this is the year we seize every moment. We’re going to get them helping in the garden, making crafts we’ve spotted on Pinterest and baking cakes with us on Saturday mornings. Well, right after we’ve had this coffee…

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