Newborn baby girl weighs in at over a stone

With a birth weight of nearly 1.5lb more than current titleholder Suzie Tevendale, could 3-month-old Niamh O’Halloran steal the record for Britain’s heaviest baby girl?


Suzie Tevendale, thought to be Britian’s heaviest baby girl has been pipped to the post by Niamh O’Halloran, who weighed over a stone at birth.


When Niamh’s parents, Elaine Matin and Sean O’Halloran, were told their daughter was going to be a big baby, they never expected their newborn would tip the scales at 14lb 4oz.

The couple’s revelation comes just days after Gemma Tevendale suggested her daughter Suzie was likely to be Britain’s heaviest baby girl.

Mum-of-three Gemma, 26, gave birth to 12lb 12oz daughter Suzie in 44 minutes with just the aid of gas and air last week.

But Niamh, now 3 months old, easily smashed that record when she was born weighing more than a stone, just two days late in November last year. She was delivered by C-section.

Niamh’s mum, Elaine, said, “I didn’t notice at first that Niamh was so big when I was pregnant until my work colleagues started saying that I was huge.

“When I was 36 weeks pregnant and four weeks off her due date, an antenatal doctor told me that she was already the size she should be at 40 weeks.”

How big was your baby?

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