Newborn lost in birth pool

Dad uses iPhone app to find his baby


A dad has revealed how his newborn son was lost in a birthing pool for up to two minutes after the hospital experienced a power cut. The midwives at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary frantically searched for baby Braedan under the water in darkness.


New dad Callum Livie, 26, from Midlothian, Scotland, used his mobile phone’s light app so his partner Samantha Preedy, 28, could give birth in the blackout that lasted 11 minutes.

“I’d used the app a few times trying to find stuff in my van. But I never thought I’d have to use it to help deliver my own son,” said Callum.

“I could see where he (my son) was, and shouted to the midwives to grab him. It was a bit of a shock. He might have been under for a minute or two, it happened so fast,” dad Callum explained.

“Nobody could believe how it happened. But I’m just over the moon that the wee man’s okay,” Callum added.

The unusual birth happened in December after the hospital’s back-up generators failed to work.

The firm that runs the hospital are reportedly being fined up to £100,000 over the incident.

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