Nick Clegg’s son asks why people hate him so much

Deputy Prime Minister’s son asks dad why he is so unpopular

Nick Clegg has revealed, in an interview with socialite Jemima Khan, that his work has an unhealthy impact on his family. His son has even asked him why people hate him.


“What I am doing in my work impacts them emotionally, because my 9-year-old, Antonio, is starting to sense things and I have to explain things. Like he asks, ‘Why are the students angry with you, Papa?’” Clegg revealed.

Critics have left their mark on Clegg, who admitted to crying regularly to music and telling white lies to his family to explain his absences, and protested that he is a human being, not a punch bag.

David Cameron’s wife, Samantha, recently said that their son, Elwen, doesn’t want to follow in dad’s politician footsteps.


Do your children understand what your job involves?

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