Nick Lachey wants to breastfeed

Vanessa says hubby would be even more of a hands-on dad with Camden, if he could


New mum Vanessa Lachey has revealed that Nick Lachey is such a doting dad, he would even be willing to breastfeed!


Vanessa, who gave birth to their first child Camden in September, has opened up about how helpful Nick is when it comes to caring for their baby son, joking that he would feed him himself, if he could.

“”If Nick could nurse Camden he would! If he had boobs, he would do it!” Vanessa said, in an interview with

“He literally can cradle Camden and swing him around and do, ‘Shh, shh, shh.” He does that so perfectly because for the first couple of weeks I couldn’t bend… so Nick took that role and he is awesome at that!” she said.

Nick seems as if he’s taking fatherhood in his stride, and has even announced he’s been inspired to make an album of baby lullabies.

Aw, here at MFM we love Nick’s paternal side! How did your other half take to fatherhood?

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