Nicole Kidman causes ‘fertility water’ frenzy

Australian town bombarded with requests Kununurra water, after praise from actress

After crediting the waters of Kununurra in Australia for helping her conceive her first child, Nicole Kidman has caused a flood of would-be mothers falling over themselves for a taste of the so-called fertility enhancing H2O.


Whilst filming the 2007 blockbuster movie Australia, the 42 year-old actress used the local pool to cool off in the heat of the OZ desert. Shortly after, she fell pregnant with daughter Sunday Rose – along with six other women on the film set.

It’s believed that the pools have a magical property, Nicole later admitted, stating “There is something in the Kununurra water.” This has caused a flurry of requests from women around the world hoping to get pregnant.


The inundated tourist officials of Kununurra have urged people against the idea of having the water transported, instead inviting them to come along to the pool itself and take a swim.


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