Night feeds breed boredom for young mum Lily Allen

Twitter veteran reveals breastfeeding night schedule on social network


Those not familiar with the acronym FML might be able to guess what Lily Allen was getting at when she tweeted this pic of her breastfeeding alarms.


The singer, who gave birth to second daughter Marnie in January has clearly discovered the demanding schedule that goes hand-in-hand with having two under-twos.

“Sometimes I wish I had better things to do with my time then change nappies, cook dinner watch shit telly and respond to Internet trolls,” she quipped to her followers.

This was quickly followed by the similar, if more succinct, “#bored #needtogetoutmore” capped off by a twit pic of her thrice-nightly alarms and the caption “FML”

Often employed as a less wordy way of expressing “Various occurrences are currently causing me to rue my existence” the popular abbreviation is often utilised by character saving Twitter devotees.

Those who have just missed an important train on the way to a job interview and/or locked themselves out in the snow might also find the phrase pop into their minds.

So can you guess what Lily was saying?


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