Nine sets of twins in one school year breaks UK record

The Netherthorpe School, Derbyshire, has broken the record for the most twins in the same year


The Millennium must have been a twin-tastic year in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, as the Netherthorpe School has just broken the UK record for the most twins in the same year.


Year Seven (pupils aged 11 and 12) has nine sets of twins this year, beating the old Guiness Book of Records record from four years ago where there were eight sets of twins in the same academic year at a British school.

“It’s twin-credible. As we began talking to new pupils’ parents at the start of the new term it dawned on us that we had so many twins,” said assistant headteacher Peter Bamford.

“I’ve never come across anything like this in over 30 years of teaching. We’ve had twins coming through the school but nothing on this scale at the same time and in the same year,” said Peter, reports the Daily Mail.

To ease confusion for the poor teachers, Netherthorpe School has made sure that there isn’t more than one set of twins in the same class. Some twins have been put into different classes, while others are kept together, depending on the preference of their parents.

“It’s been like Noah’s Ark with twins coming in two-by-two. We’re very proud to have them all with us and they have become a big talking point,” added Peter.

Are you part of a twin boom? Let us know if your nursery, mums’ group or neighbourhood comes close to the record…

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