No baby Bond for Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig?

Say it aint so! The beautiful couple may not be planning a family


Their whirlwind romance and speedy secret wedding took the world by surprise, but hopes that Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig will mark their one year anniversary with a baby announcement have been dashed by the glamorous actress’ latest revelations.


Weisz, who has a six year old son from a previous relationship, has spoken out about her baby plans (or lack of), saying, “I’m pretty content, I’m not planning on having any more.”

Talking to Marie Claire magazine, the Bourne Legacy star also told of the demands of balancing a career with caring for son Henry, admitting, “Like any job, there are days when you are pulling your hair out. The same as anyone who wants to be with their kid or their husband. Every working mother feels the same don’t they?”

Weisz also revealed, “Of course, sometimes it’s great to get away and feel, ‘Hooray I’m not changing nappies today.’ I mean, I love my son, but it’s not without conflict.”

For those of us who were looking forward to the gorgeous couple producing their own mini man of mystery, there may still be a glimmer of hope. Adding to her declaration that she has no baby plans, Rachel namechecked one of Daniel’s alter-ego’s most famous films adding, “But never say never.”


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