Mum reveals why there’ll be no gifts for her 4-year-old this Christmas

'I don’t need a mass of presents under the tree and the house full of twinkling lights to show her how much I love her'


Ah, Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year, right?


Well, for many of us, yes, and yet, it can come with its pressures, too.

Children asking for lots of presents we’re not sure we can budget for, meaning big bills come the new year, the stress of deciding who we’ll be spending it with, not to mention the burden some of us feel to produce the perfect Christmas Day lunch and, in fact, all-round Christmas experience, for everyone.

With perhaps, all this in mind, a mum from North London has shared with The Sun how her 4-year-old daughter will get no presents this year, she’s not bothering with decorations, and, while she will be popping in on her mum, Christmas will be ‘just another day’ in her house.

24-year-old Jess Wolf, who works as a therapist for terminally ill people, says:

“For most children, Christmas just means a massive present fest.

“The true meaning has been lost, and I don’t believe in giving kids a present for no reason.

“To my mind, kids should only get presents when they deserve them, not on a specific day.

“I’ve explained how I feel to my daughter Lena, and she is absolutely fine with it.

“Christmas for us is just another day – we go for a walk in the park, we play cards, we have a lovely quiet day together.”

Jess remembers Christmas as being stressful when she was growing up: her mum wanted to buy lots of presents, but there wasn’t much money to spare.

From that time, Jess vowed she wouldn’t celebrate Christmas when she became a mum herself.

“It annoys me that the ‘Christmas spirit’ is restricted to just one day – surely we should have the Christmas spirit and be charitable and kind to each other every single day of the year?

“I want to raise Lena to be a thoughtful, kind and loving little girl, who knows that she only gets presents from me when I feel she deserves them. 

“I don’t think she is missing out, because she is surrounded by love all year round. 

“I don’t need a mass of presents under the tree and the house full of twinkling lights to show her how much I love her.”

We have to say, although we find Jess’s stance of no presents and no decorations a bit tough, we do agree with lots she’s said here.

Our kids probably are in danger of getting far more toys than they really need, and we’d LOVE if every day had the Christmas spirit of kindness…

What do you think?

Is Christmas too commercial? Have you thought about cutting down on how much you spend on gifts, decorations and festive fare?

Or do you think it’s the one day of the year (apart from birthdays, perhaps) when everyone’s allowed to feel a bit spoilt and over-indulged? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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