No need for vitamin pills for mums-to-be?

Folic acid the only supplement needed during pregnancy, says expert


The only supplement mums-to-be need to take is folic acid, claims a nutrition expert. Despite various health guidelines recommending everything from Vitamin D to iron, Maria Makrides, Professor of Nutrition at the University of Adelaide, says the best way to ensure a healthy baby is to eat plenty of fruit, veg and protein.


Professor Maria blames the supplements industry for putting pressure on mums-to-be to take a variety of vitamins to complement their diet. “A lot of that messaging is increasingly coming from industry,” she explained.

However, Professor Maria does recommended pregnant women and even those trying to get pregnant take folic acid as this has documented proof of lessening the chances of spinal defects.


Diet and supplements play an important role in pregnancy. If you’re worried about either speak to your GP.


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