Having a small baby in tow can often mean you can't always get about as freely as you used to, right?


If you're pushing a pram or sizeable buggy, public transport can be a nightmare, anywhere with steps is a bit daunting - and let's face it, some cafes and shops just weren't made for buggies.

So, when you know there's somewhere you can go that's family friendly, often you stick to it, just to keep the stress levels down.

Which is exactly what Penzance mum Roxanne Perry did when she popped into her local pub for a drink with a few mates, 2 of whom had kids with them - one being Roxanne's 3-month-old daughter Delilah.

Roxanne, a mum of 2, says she'd been to the pub lots of times before, and has always thought of it as family friendly. So she was surprised when, she claims, a staff member came up and told her no prams were allowed as they were a health and safety risk due to the fact people could trip over them.

Roxanne told Cornwall Live:

"I was just shocked and said people could trip over anything. She pointed out that there was a sign on the door saying no prams allowed but I've been in there 3 or 4 times with my children.

"The owner came down and said surely you understand and I said no I don't understand. I've never been told to leave a pub before. It's discrimination really.

'I was embarrassed and want to try and save others from making the same mistake and being embarrassed."

Now, we have to say, there's been no response so far from the pub involved. Several posters on Roxanne's Facebook page have shown their support, but not everyone agrees...

One commenter from the area, reading Roxanne's story, had this to say on the Cornwall Live site:

"I would say go to a different pub with access for prams, or come on a day where you don't have the pram and the children or pack the pram outside.

"Personally in St Ives I would love to go to the balcony bar and restaurant but the only way to get there is to go up steps and due to my disability I can't get up there.

"But I'm not going to ask them to put a lift in - I just have to know my limitations. Maybe try leaving the pram outside?"

What do you think?

Do you sometimes have to accept that there will be places you just can't go with a buggy? Does the pub have a right to say no buggies if they're worried someone might trip over one?

On the other hand - couldn't someone just as easily trip over a bar stool, bag or brolly? Why prams in particular? Is that discrimination, as Roxanne says?

Tell us your thoughts - and if you've ever been in a similar situation - in the comments below or over on Facebook

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