No ridiculous ban on photos at school sports day

Schools are being urged to understand the data protection laws and so let parents take snaps of their children


Schools are being reminded that they shouldn’t ban parents from taking photographs of their own children on sports day or when they’re in a play.


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is urging schools to ignore data protection ‘myths’, stressing that parents are not breaking any rules or laws by taking photos of their own children for their own personal use.

This is the second summer that the ICO has issued this advice, but still some schools ban cameras believing taking photographs would contravene the Data Protection Act. 

“A common sense approach should be taken to photos at school events. Photos for personal use, such as family albums, are not covered by the [Data Protection] Act,” David Smith from the ICO advises. “Schools that cite the Act to prevent parents from taking pictures are wrong.”


Has your children’s school banned you from taking pictures?


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