Noel Gallagher’s son not impressed by rock star dad

Oasis star’s 4-year-old bans Noel’s guitar playing in the house


Noel Gallagher’s son has made it clear that he’s not interested in following in his rock star dad’s footsteps. In fact, 4-year-old Donovan is so unimpressed with his rock star dad’s music, he doesn’t even like him playing guitar in the house.


“Unfortunately my eldest lad has developed a habit of finding me wherever I am in the house. I could be inside a wardrobe just getting five minutes, and he’ll find me,” Noel said. “He’ll just open the wardrobe door. He doesn’t say anything, he’ll just put his hands over the strings. So that’s it.”

Unlike Britney Spears, who reckons her tots will become entertainers just like her, Noel’s not sure Donovan will appreciate his encouragement.

“I’ll remember this when I’m writing my will out. He’ll find out when they’re reading out the will and ‘to Donovan…’ he’ll say, “He’s left me his guitar.’ It would be ironic wouldn’t it?”

Maybe he’ll think his dad’s a bit cooler when he’s older!

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