Ah, it's that time of year again... sports day!


Sitting on the sidelines cheering your little one on and hoping you don't get roped into the parent's race, right? ?

And that debate - on whether or not sports day should celebrate winners - has rolled around again, this time spurred on by a new poll from Families Online - which says 57% of schools will be holding non-competitive sports days, where children are not singled out but work in teams, and are praised for taking part rather than winning.

They're doing this in spite of the fact that, apparently, 76% of parents reckon teaching an element of winning and losing, and healthy competition, is important.

In contrast, just 14% of parents were in favour of non-competitive sports days - saying that sports day should be an inclusive event where everyone wins for taking part.

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And only 18% said sports days shouldn’t be about individual competition because too many children will be made to feel inadequate if they don’t win at something and may feel excluded if they are not naturally sporty.

Hmmm, interesting. While it seems plenty of schools are moving towards a non-competitive edge, that's not necessarily what parents want

Perhaps, that is, until it's your child who's crying unconsolably on the field about the fact they came last ?

What do you think?

How do they 'do' Sports Day at you school? Do they go to town for the winners - with medals and rosettes? Or is there more of an 'everyone's a winner' vibe?

And do you agree with the way it's done? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

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