Norwegian ‘wag’ posts pics of flat tum 4 days after birth

Caroline Berg Eriksen's selfie causes a rumpus on Twitter


A Norweigan ‘wag’ posted this selfie on her Instagram less than a week after giving birth.


Caroline Berg Eriksen, a health-and-fitness blogger and the wife of Norwegian Premier League footballer Lars-Kristian Eriksen, gave birth to daughter Neilia last Monday moring, and posted the flat-tummy pic just four days later.

We shared the picture on our Twitter page over the weekend and were overwhelmed by the response.

“I still looked pregnant 4 days after giving birth!” tweeted one MFMer.

“How on earth can this be good?” tweeted another. “She does nothing for womankind except put us back at least 100 years.”

But another MFMer didn’t agree at all. “She is proud,” she tweeted. “She clearly looks after herself, her diet and fitness! I would show off, too!”

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