Novak Djokovic shares his first pic of baby Stefan…

...And explains why fatherhood made him apologise to a ball boy


Tennis champion, Andy-Murray-slayer and new dad Novak Djokovic has shared his first picture of his son Stefan. With 5-month Stef on his chest, Novak is lying back, getting a post-match massage, just after beating our guy Andy in the Miami Open final.


Still, winning another tournament is small fry for Novak compared to hanging out with his baby son. “This little buddy is my most precious trophy! No better way to end the day than with my family,” he tweeted.

He’s also revealed how much fatherhood has softened him, causing him to issue a public apology to a ball boy.

Novak realised he’d startled the young boy following an angry outburst during his Miami final against Murray. When the World No 1 tennis player lost the second set of his match he’d shouted at his coaching team and angrily snatched his towel from the ball boy. Caught in the cross-fire of the outburst, the boy looked terrified.


Novak later took to YouTube to apologise personally to the boy, saying that becoming a dad for the first time in October has changed him.

“I saw the replay, and unfortunately the ball boy was in the middle of it and I really feel sorry and regret that he was there. There was absolutely no intention whatsoever to hurt him or scare him in any kind of way, and I sincerely hope that he forgives me. I really apologise, and also as a parent I do care about children a lot right now. I look at it in a much different way, so I want to apologise to his parents as well for this situation and as a father I wouldn’t wish something like this happens to my son.”

How did becoming a parent change you? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Twitter / Novak Djokovic

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