Now babies can tweet from the womb!

New technology lets unborn babies and toddlers join in on the latest trend


Your baby can be tech-savvy before he’s even born, with new technology that lets your baby ‘tweet’ from the womb. The Kickbee, developed by American designer Corey Menscher, is made up of lots of electronic sensors. It’s then worn around mum’s pregnant stomach, so any movement or kicking is picked up and posted straight onto Twitter. The tweet will say something like, “Wow I’m being very active! I kicked Mommy 84 times today!”


Toddlers can join in on the tweeting trend too. The Twoddler was created as part of a course on Mobile Computing at Hasselt University, and was then designed for the Innovative and Creative Applications Awards. It’s a modified Fisher-Price Activity Centre with pictures of family members and friends, which sends out messages based on which buttons your little one pushes. So if he keeps pushing the button with a picture of dad on it, a tweet will be sent to him telling him his son is missing him.


There are currently no plans at the moment to sell the Twoddler in shops, which is a shame as perhaps this would be the perfect gift for Gordon Brown’s toddler son, who earlier this week posted a garbled message on mum Sarah’s twitter page.


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