Baby brand Hello Angel have created an unusual new nappy product, Nappy Notes.


It basically does what it says on the tin – it’s a nappy with a nice little note of encouragement left on for parents.

It works using a ‘wetness indicator’ - the indicator strip that many nappies already have - to bring up a message for the parent that is visible when the nappy is wet.

Some of the sweet messages include things like: ‘I love you to the moon and back’, ‘You’re my superhero’ and ‘Love you Mummy’.

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(Shame there isn’t one that says ‘sorry about the mess’ ?)

Okay, we have to admit… there’s been a mixed reaction to the Nappy Notes in the MFM office. Some of us think the product itself is a cute and funny gimmick, and could definitely make you giggle if you’re having an off day.

It might even be a lovely gift for a new mum… but some of us aren’t quite convinced. Who wants to read a lovely message while removing a nappy? Take it off, chuck it out, job done!

To each their own.

However, there’s one thing we all agree we can’t get on board with - the video advert’s implications that a few sweet notes and some ‘love and support’ can help pull someone out of the baby blues and reduce the chances of them suffering from postnatal depression.

We definitely don't think that targeting mums suffering from the 'baby blues' and PND should be used as a marketing tactic.

We know that love can’t conquer all when it comes to PND, like the video suggests – and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. PND is a serious condition - and the best way to combat it is to seek help and support from a medical professional.

So, what do you think of this new nappy product? Are they cute or a bit cringe? Let us know in the comments below.

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