6 of the best eco-friendly nappy changing products

From eco-disposable nappies, to environmentally friendly baby wipes and the new breed of half-disposable/half-reusable nappies, here are 6 top options for a greener nappy changing routine


Green choices for your baby’s bottom

Once upon a time, opting for an eco-minded baby product could mean paying more or settling for a less than perfect performance. But this just isn’t the case anymore. There are now plenty of competitively priced eco baby products on shelves, and they perform just as well as, or better than, the more traditional options.


A big boon is that the range is growing, so you can pick and choose what suits your needs. Gone are the days of the token green options for eco-conscious mums, thankfully!

Another step forward for the green baby market has been the blending of convenience with eco-mindedness. The biggest example of this has to be the nappies that can be used as a reusable or as a partially disposable nappy, for those times when you really do want the convenience a disposable offers.

So from this new breed of nappies, to eco disposables, fully reusable nappies, green baby wipes and a lush nappy cream, click through to see 10 of the best option for your nappy change bag. And don’t miss our step-by-step buyer’s guide to reusable nappies and advice for buying secondhand reusables.


Cotton Babies Flip nappies, £14.99

From the makers of the well-known bumGenius nappies comes Flip, the pre-fold style reusables that can be used from birth to potty. Flip nappies can take two types of reusable, washable inserts or a disposable insert when convenience is the name of the game. The great news is even this throwaway insert is pretty green – it’s certified 97% biodegradable!

Read the full Cotton Babies Flip nappies review.

Available from The Nappy Lady


Naty by Nature Babycare disposable nappies, around £4 for 25 (newborn size)

If reusable nappies feel like too much effort, but disposables leave you feeling guilty, check out Nature Babycare disposable nappies. Their eco credentials are based on them being made from chlorine-free materials, having a natural corn-based coating, degrading quicker in a landfill and releasing less harmful chemicals into the atmosphere if incinerated. They’re comfy for your baby, robust and absorbent, too.

Read the full reviews of the Nature Babycare disposable nappies for young babies and Nature Babycare disposable nappies for older babies.

Buy Nature Babycare from Amazon or Boots


Tots Bots Easyfit reusable nappies, £17.99

Tots Bots Easyfit are one-size reusable nappies – that means you adjust the fit of the nappy with poppers, so they work from birth to potty. With quick Velcro fastenings, and the ability to pre-stuff the nappy, they can be as convenient as disposable nappies. MFM’s reviewer gave these full marks for ease of use and ease of washing and drying.

Read the full Tots Bots Easyfit reusable nappies review.

Buy Tots Bots from Amazon


Cheeky Wipes reusable baby wipes, £34.95 for all-in-one kit

While the price tag looks high, this is a one-off cost, as Cheeky Wipes can be washed and used again and again. The set comes with 25 terry towelling cloth wipes, two types of oil, a box for clean wipes, a box for dirty wipes and two bags to use when out and about. MFM’s reviewer, a self-proclaimed disposable nappy user, gave Cheeky Wipes full marks for effectiveness, kindness to baby skin and value for money.

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Buy Cheeky Wipes from Amazon


Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes, £4.09 for pack of 72 wipes

Effective? Tick. Totally biodegradable? Tick. But that’s not all Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes have to offer. They’re also gentle on skin, as they’re alcohol-free and hypoallergenic. Plus they contain Aloe Vera juice, organic chamomile and organic calendula, an ingredient that’s ideal for relieving sensitive or irritable skin.

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Buy Earth Friendly from Amazon


Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream, £6.95 for 75ml

Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream is free from chemical nasties and packed full of natural skin goodies like beeswax, lanolin and calendula oil. It’s quickly absorbed, soothing and healing sore nappy rash. Weleda is a brand renowned for its environmentally and ethically sound approach, and this cream is an award-winner.

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