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Green choices for your baby’s bottom

Once upon a time, opting for an eco-minded baby product could mean paying more or settling for a less than perfect performance. But this just isn’t the case anymore. There are now plenty of competitively priced eco baby products on shelves, and they perform just as well as, or better than, the more traditional options.

A big boon is that the range is growing, so you can pick and choose what suits your needs. Gone are the days of the token green options for eco-conscious mums, thankfully!

Another step forward for the green baby market has been the blending of convenience with eco-mindedness. The biggest example of this has to be the nappies that can be used as a reusable or as a partially disposable nappy, for those times when you really do want the convenience a disposable offers.

So from this new breed of nappies, to eco disposables, fully reusable nappies, green baby wipes and a lush nappy cream, click through to see 10 of the best option for your nappy change bag. And don't miss our step-by-step buyer's guide to reusable nappies and advice for buying secondhand reusables. You may also be looking for a way to store dirty nappies before washing, if that's the case, take a look at best nappy bins and buckets.

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1. Bamaboo eco-nappies, £9 for 50 (size 1)

Type: Disposable nappies

These eco-friendly nappies impressed our testers, with the made from breathable bamboo fibres and chlorine-free wood pulp, making them 80% biodegradable.

Free from perfume, alcohol and chlorine, you can rest assured that these nappies will be comfortable for your baby’s skin.

They have several useful features including an elasticated waistband and wide flexi tabs. It’s worth noting however, that some of our testers commented on the fact the nappy stayed wet to touch on their little ones for quite a while.

MFM reviewer Lyndsey says: “The fact that these nappies are 80% biodegradable is really appealing as I get through so many nappies a day. I would definitely buy these myself and recommend them to other mums. This is a very good product and I hope to see them available in all supermarkets.”

Available from: Amazon and Mama Bamboo


2. Mum & You 100% Biodegradable Babywipes, £17.59 for pack of 12 (672 wipes in total)

Type: Disposable wipe

Soft, strong and fragrance-free, they’re made from 98% water and suitable for even the most delicate skin.

They are a little expensive compared to non-biodegradable wipes but compared to other eco-friendly options, they are very reasonable. The fact they degrade in just 15 days in landfill is a major bonus too.

MFM tester Angelita says: “Since using these wipes I will never use any other brand. They tick all the boxes – they’re good for the environment, strong to use, one wipe goes a long way and they’re kind to my baby’s skin. They may be a bit pricey but I actually use these less of these than other brands so they last longer”

The scent seemed to polarize our testers, with some saying they liked it and others saying they found it unpleasant.

Available from: Amazon, Mum and You and Ocado


3. Cheeky Wipes Premium Cotton Terry Cloth Washable Baby Wipes, £8.80 for 10

Type: Reusable wipes

These washable wipes from Cheeky Wipes are exactly what they appear, natural cloths that you can use with water to clean little bottoms. Made with premium zero twist organic cotton, they are super soft and absorbent and as they are pieces of cloth, you can add water (or whatever ingredients you like) to make them wet wipes.

They’re 15cmx15cm square – making them the perfect size for babies’ bums and faces, and even adult faces too! They are also machine washable up to 60 degrees.

Available from: Amazon and Cheeky Wipes


4. Natural Like Me Day and Night Barrier Balm for toddlers 60g, £9.99

Type: Balm

This multi-purpose balm is not only good at soothing sore bottoms, but is also great for patches of dry skin. It’s free from parabens and other nasties, and comes in recyclable packaging too. Our testers loved the natural ingredients, which include lavender and almond oil, and said the balm feels lovely on the skin.

However, as a screw top jar it can be a little tricky to use if you have a wriggly toddler.

MFM tester and mum of 3 Jenny says: “The packaging isn’t practical for those with moving and curious babies, and I’m not sure how hygienic it would be. On the plus side, it’s nice and moisturising. In my opinion, it may be better suited as a balm for dry patches”

Available from: Toddler Barn


5. Eco by Naty Nappies Size 1, £4 for 26 pack

Type: Disposable nappy

This eco-conscious disposable range offers nappies made from natural and renewable materials, but with comfort and convenience still a major priority.

The Naty nappy is naturally breathable, chlorine and fragrance-free and contains no oil-based plastics, chlorine, latex, TBT and fragrance. The absorbent pulp is made from sustainably harvested Scandinavian forests, with a centre channel for a less bulky fit.

Add to that the fact they’re vegan-friendly and packaged in renewable material, and you can tell that sustainability and ethical production is vital to the brand. Mums say the nappies are leak-free and a good fit – and we love the sweet designs.

They’re a similar price to the Pampers Pure, but many mums will like the fact they’re supporting a smaller-run company with Eco by Naty.

Available from: Amazon, Waitrose and Boots


6. Pampers Pure Protection Nappies, £5 for 35 (size 1)

Type: Disposable nappy

Think about nappies and you automatically think of Pampers – and for good reason. This brand has been producing nappies for more than 50 years and it knows a thing or two about what parents are looking for.

Its relatively new Pure Protection range of nappies and wipes use premium cotton with plant-based ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

With their good absorbency and leak-free design, the Pure Protection nappies proved a hit with our testers who complimented their quality and value.

MFM tester says: “There’s lots of innovation here and it’s great to see Pampers bringing sustainability thinking into their nappies. The designs are very cute, but the highlight was the fact that they absorbed so well in a couple of minutes – it was by far the driest of all the disposables on test.”

Available from: Amazon, Boots and Sainsbury’s


7. Bambino Mio Miosolo all-in-one reusable nappy, £15.99

Type: Re-usable nappy

Bambino Mio is a big player in the world of reusables, and its award-winning miosolo nappy makes it clear why. It’s a brilliantly designed product, created with the simplicity of a disposable but with all the benefits of a reusable nappy, and it really impressed our testers.

This nappy is made in one piece (so no fiddly layers to worry about, just like a disposable), with a unique pull-out tab system. This means you can remove the core from inside the nappy to wash it more effectively and speed up the drying time. There’s also a tuck-in pocket for an additional booster pad if needed, and the super-absorbent core draws moisture into the nappy away from your little one’s skin.

The adjustable poppers, velcro fastens and a one size fitting mean that one nappy is likely to last for several years and several babies, making them very reasonably priced (especially when you consider you’d only get about one month’s worth of Pampers for the same cost). And on top of this, the designs are brilliant too!

MFM tester Magda says: “This is an absolutely adorable nappy that's great for the environment and very good quality. Love that it's adjustable to last for a long time and the designs are gorgeous. The inner lining is very soft and dry even after being wet.”

Available from: Amazon and Sainsbury’s


8. Mum & You Nappychat Nappies, £9.79 for 44 (size 2)

Type: Disposable nappies

With its Nappychat range of eco-friendly disposable nappies, Mum & You hopes to encourage you to play and chat to your baby during nappy changes.

To this end, they come complete with playful designs, which aim to help inspire storytelling and singing, and the brand also has its own Nappychat app with lots of different resources.

But, this isn’t the only thing that sets the nappies apart from others. They have a soft cotton core made from chlorine-free recycled wood pulp (from sustainable forests) and even the packaging is made using renewable sugarcane instead of plastic. They also have a wetness indicator and a high back, which our testers loved.

MFM tester Jenny says: “These nappies have a really good absorption and super cute design. They are on the pricey side though.”

They’re a similar price to both the Pampers Pure Protection nappies and Eco by Naty’s offerings.

Available from: Amazon, Mum & You and Ocado


9. Aqua Wipes, £14.99 for 12 packs of 12 (144 wipes in total)

Type: Disposable wipes

These NHS-approved baby wipes are suitable to use from birth and were a popular choice among our testers. They loved the fact they’re soft and strong, with a good water content, and many commented on the fact they had a better scent than the offerings from other brands such as Mum & You. They’re vegan-friendly and contain 99.6% purified water along with organic aloe vera and a mild coconut cleansing agent.

One thing to note is that they are more expensive than other biodegradable wipes, including those on offer from Mum & You and Bamaboo.

MFM tester Aleena says: “These wipes are excellent - super soft, moist, large enough to clean a baby’s bottom and with a fresh smell. When cleaning skin, you feel satisfied there is enough water present to give baby bottom a good clean when you have no water present.
“My only negative would be the price and being on the pricey side I would recommend these to be used from birth to three months.”

Available from: Amazon, Ocado and Boots


10. Bamaboo eco-wipes, £2 for 1 pack (60 wipes)

Type: Disposable wipes

These disposable, fully-biodegradable wipes are made with soft, breathable bamboo fibres and contain over 98% plant-based natural materials.

Our testers loved the fact the wipes are fully biodegradable and as an extra bonus the cartons of 12 are packed in recycled cardboard. The thickness and strength of the wipes is also a plus point.

MFM tester Magda says: “These wipes feel thick, luxurious and soft. The price is not bad and I like that they biodegrade in six months.”

A couple of things to be aware of is the fact they can shed a bit, and one tester commented on the fact they are not as wet as other wipes.

They are fairly reasonably priced in terms of eco-friendly wipes and are a similar cost to Mum & You.

Available from: Amazon and Mama Bamboo


11. Bambino Mio Miowipes, £2.69 for 1 pack (60 wipes in total)

Type: Disposable wipes

Plastic-free and made from 100% cotton fibres, these biodegradable baby wipes are perfect for delicate newborn skin.

Our testers loved the quality of these, although the rose and geranium scent seemed a bit like marmite, with some loving it and others hating it! Vegan friendly, they’re free from alcohol, chlorine and parabens and pH balanced.

MFM tester Laura says: “I really liked that the wipes weren’t too moist and didn’t leave the nappy area or my children’s faces too wet after use. It was also easy enough to select one wipe at a time with one hand - a must when you have a toddler kicking about during a nappy change. I love that these wipes are environmentally-friendly but at £2.69 for a packet of 60 wipes, I couldn’t afford to just use these alone.”

Available from: Amazon and Bambino Mio




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