Best nappies for babies 6 months+ – tried and tested by mums

Soft, absorbent and leak-proof – we've tested a whole host of name brand and supermarket nappies to find out which ones really are the best for your baby, from budget-busting to eco-friendly


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1.  Lupilu Maxi Nappies 7-18kg (Size 4), £2.89 for a pack of 48, 6p per nappy

Awards: MadeForMums 2019 awards Baby nappies up to size 4 (12kg max) – Gold

Lupilu Maxi Nappies feature a super absorbent core which Lidl claim has “magical absorbing tubes” moisture is well distributed and kept way from your little one’s skin. They are impressively thin allowing for freedom of movement, have a comfort waistband and the budget friendly price tag is a winner for us. 

At just 6p per nappy Lupilu could save you a considerable amount of money over the long run. The quality is still very impressive despite the low price, and Lupilu promise up to 12 hours of dryness.

MFM judge Rebecca says “I sing praises about these nappies, they’re excellent and suit my little boy perfectly. He always feels dry even overnight, thanks to their ‘magical tubes’ and additional dry layer. They’re so flexible as well which helps as he’s recently started crawling everywhere! I used to use another supermarket brand but I will be switching to this brand instead as I am so impressed.”

Available from: Lidl

2. Bamaboo Eco Biodegradable Nappies (Size 3), £18 for a pack of 72, 25p per nappy

Awards: MadeForMums 2019 awards Baby nappies up to size 4 (12kg max) – Gold

These soft as silk nappies are made of breathable bamboo which contains natural antibacterial properties therefore reducing the chances of your little one developing nappy rash.

Bamaboo Eco nappies are 60% decomposed in less than 3 months and use a total of 80% of materials that are biodegradeable – a fantastic help to the environment. All packaging is recyclable too.

They are free of chlorine, alcohol, PVC, Latex, and Phosphates – perfect for ensuring no nasties come in contact with your child’s skin. So not just great for the planet – but baby too.

MFM judge Lyndsey says: “They are very absorbent and hold a lot of fluid well without leaving the bottom wet. The fact that these nappies are 80% biodegradable is even more appealing as I get through so many nappies a day. I would definitely buy these myself and recommend them to other mums.”

Available from: Mama Bamboo and Amazon

3. Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Nappies (Size 3), £2.89 for a pack of 56, 5.1p per nappy

Awards: MadeForMums 2019 awards Baby nappies up to size 4 (12kg max) – Silver

This offering from Aldi is a strong contender and extremely budget friendly compared to the majority of our list.

Mamia Ultra Dry nappies distribute liquid evenly, help prevent against sagging for extra comfort and come in a thin design. They feature an ultra dry air system to keep moisture away from the skin.

Similar to the Lupilu nappies, they are a quality product at a budget friendly price – a third of the cost of eco-friendly Bamaboo.

MFM judge Karen says “Great value for money, they seem comfortable and I have not had one leak with these nappies.”

Available from: Aldi

4. Pampers Baby Dry Nappies (Size 3), £7.00 for a pack of 50, 14p per nappy

Pampers Baby Dry have an inner layer with absorbent Micro Pearls that lock away wetness for up to 12 hours, and your little one will notice the difference particularly at nighttime.

The layers in the nappy absorb really quickly, keeping moisture away from the skin and allowing the skin to breathe. Although the nappy doesn’t contain cotton, the material used feels equally as soft – one of the many reasons why Pampers is a trusted favourite.

MFM judge Aleena says: “These are just fantastic in every way. My 5 month old sleeps during night for around 10 hours and in morning it still hasn’t leaked once. If I need baby to be dry for longer I use pampers and there definitely is no match. Only negative is the price and because of that it’s not my regular nappy during the day.”

Available from: Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco

5. Pampers Pure Protection (Size 4), £8.00 for a pack of 28, 29p per nappy

The materials used in these nappies are impressive; plant-based fibres, premium cotton and other thoughtfully selected materials. They are made without perfume, natural rubber latex or chlorine bleaching ensuring a “no nasties” experience for baby and the purest in the Pampers range. They are also the most expensive per nappy on our list.

Pamper Pure Protection also offer great movement and protect against leaks. An added bonus is that they are manufactured with 100% certified renewable electricity and responsibly sourced fluff pulp helping to make less of a negative impact on the planet.

MFM judge Magda says: “Amazing absorbency and really cute designs. Great nappy and good sustainability.”

Available from: Boots, Sainsbury’s and Ocado

6. Mamia Ultra Dry Air System Nappies (Size 4), £2.89 for a pack of 48, 6.1p per nappy

Awards: MadeForMums 2019 awards Baby nappies up to size 4 (12kg max) – bronze

So good, this range of nappies has made it on to our list twice – and also won bronze in the 2019 awards behind the smaller size 3’s in Silver. Our judges found these nappies did the job well and kept baby dry for a long time.

The slim fit distributes liquid evenly and a new improved design sees the absorbency speed doubled from the previous Mamia range. At 6.1p per nappy we can understand why Mamia is a favourite.

MFM judge Charlotte says “Great value for money, and last the 12 hours stated.”

Available from: Aldi

7. M&Y nappychat nappies (Size 3), £9.79 for a pack of 42, 23p per nappy

This conscious disposable nappy offering from M&Y has a biodegradable core made from chlorine-free bleached wood pulp from sustainable forestry. The packaging is made from sugarcane – which is a renewable material.

As well as being eco-friendly, the M&Y nappy range features “nappychat” characters – to encourage carers to talk, sing and share with their babies during nappy changes as this is such an important practice during early development. There is even a Nappychat app. One of the most thoughtful nappies (in many ways) on our list.

MFM judge Amy says “I love the design of these nappies. They are super fun and colourful and I’ve had a few comments whilst doing public nappy changes on the funky design.”.

Available from: Mum & YouAmazon and Ocado

8. Eco By Naty (Size 3), £7.00 for a pack of 30, 23.3p per nappy

Awards: MadeForMums 2019 awards Best toddler nappy – gold

Promising only certified bio and plant-based materials will sit against your child’s skin, Naty are an ecological contender with a mission to be friendlier to our planet.

As well as the eco credentials and recyclable packing; Naty nappies are 60% biodegradable, they fit great and have a breathable, sustainably harvested pulp.

These are a great option for carers who want to reduce plastic use and need an alternative to reusable nappies.

They are focused solely on environmental impact unlike M&Y who also incorporate the Nappychat. At 23.3p per nappy they are cheaper than Pamper Pure Protection’s 29p per nappy.

Available from: Ethical SuperstoreBig Green Smile and Spirit of Nature

9. Kit & Kin (Size 3), £8 for a pack of 34, 23.5p per nappy

Up against the other eco-friendly nappies on our list the first thing to note about Kit & Kin is that they’re hypoallergenic, fully biodegradable in 3-6 years and contain less chemicals than most commercial nappies.

The Kit & Kin brand is co-founded by loveable Baby Spice, Emma Bunton who was horrified to learn that 8 million nappies are disposed of every day in the UK alone – most of which take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Shocking stats indeed, so Kit & Kin is a great choice for those wanting to make a difference.

Available from: BootsOcado and Ethical Superstore

10. Boots Baby Super Dry with Active Stretch Nappies (Size 4), £3.50 for a pack of 30, 12p per nappy

A reasonably priced contender from Boots; they boost strong tapes, slim shaped core and super stretchy sides. These are perfect for very active little ones who put other nappies on our list through their paces.

Boots Baby Super Dry are effective day and night with a competitive 12 hours of dryness and the design really holds it shape to prevent against leaks. These nappies are stretchy and robust.

Available from: Boots


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