1. Aldi Mamia Newborn Size 2 Nappies, £2.09 for 44 pack (4p per nappy), MadeForMums Awards Gold Winner

Aldi's Mamia brand came in as the gold winner in this category with its range of great value nappies designed especially for newborns.


This nappy features a top sheet for absorption and softness, elasticated sides for a snug, flexible fit, a wetness indicator to alert mums when baby needs a new nappy and a cord cut-out area around the belly button for sensitive brand new little ones.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Aldi Mamia Newborn Size 2 Nappies:

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“I was a nappy snob and only used Pampers, but after trying these nappies I would be happy to use them in the future.” Mum-of-two, Hannah

“These are a decent size, quite absorbent and have good wetness indicators.” MadeForMums Reviews Editor, Hazelann Williams

You can buy Aldi Mamia newborn nappies from Aldi.

2. Pampers Premium Protection New Baby, £5 for a 31 pack (16p per nappy), MadeForMums Awards Silver Winner

Pampers premium protection nappies for new babies won the silver award for their unique absorbing properties. According to the brand, this is the only nappy recommended by the British Skin Foundation. They feature a unique mesh liner that draws wetness from baby, as well as a layer designed to absorb newborns’ poo.

The wetness indicator is a great help to new mums to allow them to easily check if their little one needs changing without having to completely undress them. Furthermore, the navel shaped nappy keeps their sensitive tummy button area free.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Pampers Premium Protection New Baby nappy:

“The mesh liner and absorbent material used in the nappy is fantastic. My little one usually stirs during the night a few times due to a wet nappy, however with the Pampers nappy the changes were less frequent and she stirred less. A few more hours sleep is a happy mum.” Mum of 2, Caroline

“One of the best brands of nappies we have tried. More expensive than some, but less prone to leaks. The blue indicator for a wet nappy is useful, and the nappy feels slightly larger than other newborn nappies. Highly recommended.” Dad of 2, Peter

Buy Pampers Premium Protection nappies from Amazon, Boots, and Asda

3. Lidl Lupilu Mini nappy, £2.09 for 44 pack (4p per nappy), MadeForMums Awards Joint Bronze Winner

Our bronze award winner, Lidl’s Lupilu newborn nappies, have been designed especially for newborn babies. This great value nappy uses super soft materials, and has a fantastically absorbent core.

Anti-leak leg cuffs and soft stretchy sides and elasticated waistbands protect against leaks and the newborn range is dermatologically tested, great for sensitive skin.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about Lidl’s Lupilu Mini nappy:

“Absolutely love that this nappy has an elasticated back, making for a comfy fit. Plus they have good absorbency and the waffle inner core is soft.” MFM Reviews Editor, Magda Ibrahim

“Overall a good, slim fitting and absorbent nappy. The nappy liner needs to be thicker for overnight or long periods of use.” Mum of 4, Kyla

You can buy the Lidl Lupilu newborn nappies from Lidl.

4. Boots Baby Newborn Nappies, £2.50 for 24 pack (10p per nappy), MadeForMums Awards Joint Bronze Winner

These nappies are soft, gentle and also boast a number of newborn baby features: an absorbent core, stretchy sides and leg cuffs, naval cut out and wetness indicator.

The Boots newborn nappies also have a soft cotton lining and are both hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about Boots Newborn nappies:

“Great nappies for everday use and overall very good value for money,”Mum of 2, Keren

“Easy-to-use and good value for money,” Mum of 1, Anne

Buy Boots Baby Newborn nappies from Boots

5. Co-op Mini Size 2 Active nappy, £4 for 31 pack (13p per nappy)

The Co-Op has this year relaunched most of its baby products, and its nappy range now comes adorned with quirky illustrations by children’s book author Jim Fields - a lovely touch to keep little ones happy.

With newborn nappies, their success is all in the performance, and these mini nappies have plenty of comfort features. They have overlapping tapes for a more secure fit, leg cuffs to protect against leaks and a shaped core to provide more comfort.

With a handy wetness indicator and dermatologically approved, these are a great option for parents.

You can buy the Co-op Mini nappies from Co-op.

6. Miosolo all in one nappy, Bambino Mio, £15.99, MFM Gold Award Winner for reusable nappies

The reusable nappy market is growing and rightly so, with millions of disposable nappies filling up landfill every single day, a reusable nappy is not only better for the environment but great for your wallet to.

Our gold award winner the Miosolo, from Bambino Mio, is a brilliantly designed product, created with the simplicity of a disposable but with all the benefits of a reusable nappy, our judges, and their babies, were very impressed.

Adjustable poppers, velcro fastens and a one size fitting - means that one nappy is likely to last for several years and several babies! The absorbent fabric, rather than the chemical gels used in disposables, will help to keep your baby's delicate skin soft and rash free.

Is it machine washable?: Yes, on a 40 degree wash

What our MadeForMums Awards judges say about the Miosolo, from Bambino Mio:

"This genius and generously cut cloth nappy is reusable so will save you money and save the planet. The Miosolo contains an easily-removed absorbent pad inside a super-soft inner layer, while the outer stretchy layer is water-resistant." Mum of 2, Gabrielle

"This nappy is so soft - although the outer fabric is wipeable and washable it's so gentle on baby's skin and leaves no marking around the top of the legs, unlike some reusable nappies. The inner lining is also super soft and really absorbent, and the nappy can be machine washed which is a bonus" Mum of 2, Natalie

Buy the Bambino Mio from Sainsbury's, Amazon, and Bambino Mio.

7. Nature Babycare Eco by Naty newborn nappies, £4 for 26 pack (15p per nappy)

This eco-conscious disposable range promises a nappy made from natural and renewable materials, but with great comfort for baby and convenience for parents.

The Naty nappy is naturally breathable, chlorine and fragrance free and contains no oil based plastics. The absorbent pulp is made from sustainably harvested Scandinavian forests, with a centre channel for a less bulky fit.

Buy Naty nappies from Amazon and Waitrose

8. Sainsbury’s Little Ones newborn disposable nappies, £2.00 for 40 pack (5p per nappy)

Sainsbury’s Little Ones nappies have a 3D liner which absorbs soft poo and wee helping to keep your baby’s skin dry, and a wetness indicator at the front of the nappy.

A soft stretchy waistband, leg cuffs, resealable tabs and soft breathable layers give a more comfortable and snug fit for you baby.

Buy Sainsbury's Little Ones nappies from Sainsbury's.

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