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As they are getting ready to move from nappies to the potty, these pull-up pants are easy (and quick) to take off, but still offer comfort and protect against leaks, if they occur.

Here is our list of the best pull-up potty training nappies on the market:


1. Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants, £8 for a pack of 34, 24p per nappy

Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants come top of our list because they are superbly soft ensuring the most comfort for baby – these are the gentlest Pampers on the skin. The premium materials are reflected slightly on the price in that they cost 3p more per nappy than Pampers Baby Dry Pants.

Pampers Premium Protection Nappy Pants are very absorbent keeping moisture away from skin and have really easy to rip side seams - so your active toddler doesn’t have to keep still for too long!

MFM tester Nicole says: “So soft and comfortable for my little one, great fit & design is cute. We have no leaks with these.”

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Available from: Boots, Tesco and Amazon


2. Pampers Baby Dry Nappy Pants Size 5, £7 for a pack of 33, 21p per nappy

These nappy pants are 3p cheaper than the number one on our list, which can add up. They’re not as soft either – but they are still really good and serve their purpose well.

Dry, breathable, non-leakable, well fitting, comfortable and soft nappy – these little beauties manage to tick all the boxes. The waistband is stretchy all the way round, making even the wriggliest toddler easier to change – just pull up and your little one is good to go off on their next adventure. The sides seams are stretchy and accommodating yet rip nice and easy when it comes to change time.

MFM tester Anna says: “I’ve had to give these nappies massive scores, as they just work. They are super soft and comfortable for my little one. The latest version of the pants is just so well designed, it doesn’t pinch or rub anywhere against my little one’s skin. Not once have they failed – even when nursery forgot to change him all day! He has never had a sore bottom using them; and he’s able to pull them down and up by himself.”

Available from: Sainsbury’s, Boots and Tesco


3. Mamia Extra Large Easy Pants Size 6, £1.99 for a pack of 18, 11p per nappy

Yes – you read right – just £1.99 a pack! That’s more than a 50% saving per nappy compared to the two Pampers pants above and make Mamia the cheapest nappy on our list.

Despite paying less – and the considerable savings over the long run – Mamia Easy Pants still offer 12-hour protection, breathable materials and tear away sides. As these are only available in store, you’ll need to find your nearest Aldi and stock up!

MFM tester Emma says: “I love the Aldi nappy pants, they are so easy to use. They keep my toddler dry day and night and she loves that she has big girl pants! They are affordable too which is always a winner!”.

Available from: Aldi


4. Lupilu Size 6 Extra Large Baby Pants, £2.04 for a pack of 18, 11.3p per nappy

Lidl are hot on the heels of the Aldi offering with their Lupilu nappy pants; again we’re seeing really good quality at a discount price. They are also available in store only so if getting to a Lidl is easier for you than Aldi, well worth considering.

The Lupilu Baby Pant core is fitted with absorbent tubes for moisture retention and leak protection. The elasticated waistband is soft yet fitted ensuring they’re easy to put on and a comfortable fit for little one particularly during the active toddler phase. A reliable nappy pant at a budget friendly price.

MFM tester Karen says: “I have used Lidl Lupilu nappy pants in various sizes and cannot fault them. They fit well, do not leak and are great value for money.”

Available from: Lidl


5. Eco By Naty Nappy Pants Size 6, £7.49 for a pack of 18, 41.6p per nappy

Promising only certified bio and plant-based materials will sit against your child’s skin, Naty are an ecological contender with a mission to be friendlier to our planet.

As well as the eco credentials and recyclable packing; Naty nappies are 60% biodegradable, they use a breathable pulp made from sustainably harvested pulp, are super thin and soft and protect against leaks. These are a particularly good consideration if you want no nasties in your nappy – the natural fibres may reduce the risk of nappy rash.

At 41.6p per nappy being eco-conscious unfortunately comes with a big price tag of 2x the price of Pampers and 4x the discount supermarkets.

Available from: Boots, Ocado and Naty


6. Kit & Kin Eco Nappy Pants Size 5, £6.50 for a pack of 18, 36p per nappy

Up against the other eco-friendly nappies on our list the first thing to note about Kit & Kin is their price of 36p. This is still 12p more than Pampers Premium however Kit & Kin nappies are hypoallergenic, biodegradable in 3-6 years and contain less chemicals.

The Kit & Kin brand is co-founded by loveable Baby Spice, Emma Bunton who was horrified to learn that 8 million nappies are disposed of every day in the UK alone – most of which take up to 500 years to biodegrade. Shocking stats indeed, so Kit & Kin is a great choice for those wanting to make a difference.

Available from: Ocado, Ulula and Amazon


7. Bambino Mio, Potty Training Pants, £5.49 per nappy

The only reusable nappy on our list and it’s a good one. Ideal for more advanced stages of potty training when it might be helpful for your toddler to feel some wetness as they advance towards becoming independent.

The upfront cost is considerably more; however they can be machine washed and used over and over. They don’t absorb huge amounts of liquid – but that’s the idea – more for little accidents so that your toddler recognises when it’s time for a trip to the toilet.

Our reviewer says: “Mums need to be quick to change these training pants but they are good value and can help with your toddler’s toilet training.”

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Available from: Amazon.


8. Asda Little Angels First Pants featuring Peppa Pig, £4.00 for a pack of 26, 15.4p per nappy

These pull-up pants by Asda promise up to 12 hours of protection thanks to some unique features.

They’re also soft and have even been awarded a dermatological accreditation by the Skin Health Alliance. The trademarked “aqua lock” layers keep baby’s skin dry to reduce rashes and irritation, and the colourful character designs are also a hit with kids. We like the price tag too.

MFM tester Victoria says: “These are great pull up pants. We had no leaks or problems. My son is encouraged to use them by the Peppa Pig images. He likes that they are big boy pants and points to the characters. He has used them overnight with no issues.”

Available from: Asda


9. Huggies DryNites 3-5 years Pyjama Pants, £5.50 for a pack of 10, 55p per nappy

These are the most expensive per nappy on our list and are best for toddlers who are not yet dry at night. Huggies DryNites are thin, comfortable and known for being one of the best at preventing against night time leaks. They are available up to size 8 – 15 years old; addressing the need for a bedwetting product for children at all stages.

The biggest negative for Huggies DryNites are the very heavily gendered graphics for boys and girls. It’s blue/Spiderman for boys and pink/Tinkerbell for girls. Yes, there is a need for gendered absorbency but not frustrating stereotypes.

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Available from: Amazon, Boots and Sainsburys




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