Ofsted inspection reveals 98% of nurseries satisfactory or better

Figures from Ofsted find 70% of childcare providers offer “outstanding” or “good” levels of safety and welfare


Inspections of UK childcare providers, including nurseries and childminders, have found that the vast majority achieve satisfactory standards of health and safety. The inspections wsere carried out by Ofsted, which aims to scrutinise a further 40,000 childcare providers.


Claims by the Daily Mail that many carers put under-5s at risk of neglect and ill treatment appear to misrepresent the figures provided by Ofsted. Out of the 40,081 inspected, only 850 failed to meet satisfactory safety standards. These standards include less serious failings such as not involving parents or challenging children, as well as missing health and safety levels.

Those that failed, represent only 2% of nurseries in the UK, while 98% are reaching satisfactory or higher levels of safety for the children in their care. The vast majority, 59%, were rated “good” while 11% were considered “outstanding”.


If you have any concerns about your childcare or are in the middle of the confusing process of picking a nursery or childminder, you can find the Ofsted ratings for your local providers on the Ofsted website.

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