Hmmm, considering she recently said she was feeling pretty lazy with her 2nd pregnancy, we're actually rather impressed with actress Olivia Wilde's ultra-healthy approach to food prep here.


Check out those protein-enriched eggs, potassium-laden bananas and mega tub of coconut oil...

We've absolutely no idea what she's making, but her glowing skin and general aura of well-being suggest it ain't no triple peanut butter, choc chip, whipped cream banana pancake affair... (she's so not us)

We're not sure how far along Olivia is in this recent Instagram shot - she and fiancé Jason Sudeikis announced they were expecting their second child back in April, a little bro or sis for 2-year-old Otis, but they didn't say when.

Our money's on November-time though, as she looks around the 5-month mark to us - but as we all know, all bumps are different.

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And as for her mum laziness?

Well, in a recent interview with Yahoo, Liv said that while she was trying to say 'stay limber and relax' (aren't we all?) she 'fessed up that she's not putting as much pressure on this time around.

"Honestly, I've been pretty lazy this time," she revealed. "You have to be forgiving of yourself and realise you are doing something and working hard building a little human."

This gal talks sense, right?

The mum-to-be also admitted she's having a few pregnancy-related cravings right now. No, not eggs and bananas, but mainly Coca-Cola.

Although, food stuff does seem to be on her mind quite a bit if her Instagram is anything to go by...

Olivia's foodie PJs

Olivia captioned this pic: "Just wanna confirm real quick that this is what is meant by 'sexy lingerie'."

Those taco-print pyjamas have savoury, crunchy, salty food-craving all over them!

So we can't help but feel that we can relate to this image just a tad more than the gorgeously glowy kitchen one ?

Images: Olivia Wilde Instagram

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