Olympic champion in training? Rebecca Adlington’s newborn makes a splash in the pool

The gold medal winner couldn't be happier with her "water baby" but was anxious to be in a swimming costume again


We already knew Rebecca Adlington wanted her newborn daughter Summer to follow in the family trade, we just didn’t expect it to be quite so soon.


But the six-week-old has already showed signs of being a chip off the old block as she aced her first swimming lesson.

The Olympic swimmer introduced Summer to the pool when she was three-and-a-half weeks-old in the hopes of making her a “water baby” and boy, did she not disappoint. In fact she took to the water like, well like a pro!   

In a video shared on You Tube, there was barely a murmur from Summer as she relaxed in the pool and clutched her very proud mum’s chest.

Following up the lesson Rebecca also shared her first mother and daughter pool pic, bless!

“A future champion ? Congratulations on a lovely baby,” one fan commented.

“Awww beautiful! Special moment! Congratulations, she’s gorgeous xxx,” added another.

Two weeks ago the new mum revealed just how much she wanted Summer to follow in her sporting footsteps.

“I really would love her to get into the world of sport, but I’m not bothered if it’s not swimming. I just feel sport gives you so much more in life,” she told Hello! magazine.

“My sport taught me everything that I am today, be dedicated and driven, committed, and you get to travel the world and meet amazing people.” 


Teaming up with Huggies to encourage families to enjoy swimming and to get in the water as young as possible, Rebecca was confident in her daughter’s swimming abilities. 

But the 26-year-old, who gave birth to her first child on 8 June, explained in the vlog that she was anxious about putting on a swimming costume again. 

“I’m more worried about putting a costume on after 3-and-a-half weeks, just given birth, that’s not going to be pleasant, but I’m looking forward to taking her swimming.”

We know exactly where you’re coming from Becky, what new mum wouldn’t be? Happily we can say she still looked great, and really she didn’t need to worry, as one fan assured her.

“Congrats on baby Summer and looking fab for having given birth only just weeks ago.”

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