On the road with Mel C

Babyexpert interviews former Spice Girl and mum Mel C

Your little girl, Scarlett, is 16 months old already! Has the time flown?

You know, it’s funny, the early days go so fast, and being here on the Pampers Road Show, seeing all these babies, makes me really miss those baby moments! It’s very hard work when they’re newborn – somehow no-one tells you about that bit! Having a baby really turns your life upside down in a way nothing else will. I found a whole network of mums through my NCT group, and all of us said the same thing – it’s so damn hard! Having said that, it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever done, and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. Getting to know your baby day by day is amazing.


How’s life now she’s a boisterous toddler?

She’s a proper little personality all right! Scarlett’s a very determined character and once she sets her mind to a specific task she won’t give up. She doesn’t like to be helped. She’s coming out with new words every day, too. She’s also testing the boundaries…it’s hard to be strict sometimes because she’s so funny when she’s mischievous. But you can’t laugh – she has to learn that when mummy says no, she means no! It’s funny, she really reminds me of Tom (Starr, Mel’s partner) when she’s naughty – so  much so that I even call her Tom sometimes, when I’m telling her to stop doing something! She also looks just like him. It’s sweet.

How do you juggle being a mummy with your work commitments?

Well, Scarlett’s routine dictates. I was doing some work in the theatre just recently (Mel played Mrs Johnstone in the West End production of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers), and that was great because it meant I could be with Scarlett all day and then work in the evening – although she was teething at the time, so it meant lots of sleepless nights for Tom, because I really had to get my sleep! But we made it work. I have a great nanny, too – she’s my second one, everyone warned me it might take a while to find the right childcare. It can be such a minefield. But she’s fabulous with Scarlett. My hours are rarely 9-5, and she’s very understanding of that.  It makes going to work so much easier when I know Scarlett’s in good hands.

With a name like Scarlett Starr, your daughter’s got to follow you into showbiz, surely…

Well, she certainly loves an audience! I don’t know how I’d feel about it if she did want to perform – it’s just too early to say. Ultimately I’d encourage her to do whatever makes her happy.

How often do the Spice babies get together?

We make sure we all catch up regularly – it’s funny, Mel (B) and Victoria being in America actually means we see each other more because we really make an effort when they’re in the UK.

Your theatre run was a real success. Have you any more plans to act?

I’m concentrating on music at the moment and have been recording more material that I’ll hopefully release next year. But I’d love to do more theatre – watch this space!

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