One in 10 Brits will sell unwanted items to afford Christmas this year

Is your house hiding hundreds of pounds worth of unwanted items?


If you’re worried Christmas will take its toll on your pocket, now might be the time to start looking under the bed for all those unwanted items from last year. According to research by eBay, one in 10 Brits are planning to sell unwanted items to afford presents for loved ones this year.


The research has also revealed that the average house is hording £450 worth of unused and unwanted items that would be snapped up by another family.

“Shoppers are tired of the expense and the worry of paying high interest credit card bills. Istead they’re increasingly selling first in order to afford new gift purchases,” said Ruth Szszkowski, from eBay UK.


Cots, mobile phones, old baby toys and books they’ve grown out of have all been suggested as items to look for as you raid the cupboards.

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