One in five parents lie about children’s absence from school

Survey reveals we’re a nation of parents prone to porkie pies


One in five parents admit lying to schools about taking their children on holidays during term-time.


The survey by Teletext Holidays polled 1000 parents, and found the most popular lies told by parents to avoid being fined for term-time holidays were that their child was ill, or their plane was delayed coming home.

With fines for term-time holidays up to £50, parents are turning to little white lies to avoid sky-high peak season prices.

“Family finances are still tight and there’s talk about tax rises to come, so people are understandably looking at how they can get the best value,’ said Victoria Sanders from Teletext. “While parents would rather not take their children out of school, the feel they have little choice.”


Have you ever blamed the plane for a term-time break? Share below, we promise we won’t dob you in…

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