One in six parents never read to children

Survey reveals mums and dads are turning their back on books


A new study has found that one in six mums and dads never read to their children.


The report, commissioned by publisher Pearson also revealed a third of parents only share a book with their children once a week, instead opting to focus on other activities such as watching television, internet or games consoles.

After asking 2,000 parents of children aged 11 and under, Pearsons were concerned by reports that children are now spending three times as long in front of screens such as computers or TVs than they are with books.

This research seems to back up health professionals’ concerns about the increasing use of screen time in children, with extended exposure being linked to developmental, physical and psychological issues.

In order to combat this, Pearson have launched a national Enjoy Reading campaign, aiming to encourage young children to develop a love of reading.

The campaign is to give away 1.4 million books to families with reception age children, creating E-Books that children can read and developing a ‘digital searchcloud’ to help school pupils find their favourite reads online.


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