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One mum's reaction to the news she's having a fifth boy

Four boys and dad strike superhero poses as mum pretends to cry

A family decided to announce they were expecting a fifth boy with a photo posted on a social networking site, Reddit.


The picture’s caption reads: “We’re gonna have another boy!!!” it shows the father and four boys posing as superheroes, with the expectant mother pretending to cry.

“As a joke, me and all of my boys dressed up in superhero gear doing action poses and had my wife pretend she was distraught for an announcement picture,” the father-of-four told the MailOnline. “For added effect we threw a few tissues on the ground.”

After having four boys, they were almost positive they were going to have a girl. “My wife wanted to have some female company, but our gut told us we were going to have another boy.”

The picture, posted last week, has been commented on almost 4,000 times. Lots of people have shared similar stories:

“Our neighbours when I was growing up had two boys. The wife really wanted a girl, so they tried a third time. Twin boys. That was the end of their reproduction,” one writes.

“A friend of mine from high school has two little girls, the oldest is four. Tried again for a boy, got triplets – yes, NATURAL TRIPLETS – girls. Six women under one roof. They were born about a month ago, and Dad is still in shock,” writes another.



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