Mum Simone Jones from Northamptonshire is warning parents of the dangers of liquid washing tablets, in a series of heartbreaking social media posts.


While Simone was dishing up dinner, her daughter Rainbow was exploring and managed to find her way into a locked cupboard (as toddlers so often do) containing the capsules.

The washing tablet popped, and left Rainbow with burnt corneas in her eyes.

Simone described the nightmare scenario in a lengthy Facebook status:

“Please everyone keep your liquid tablets for washing away from your children. Mine were I thought, however..." she began.

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“Rainbow had a massive accident today and managed to put her hand in my cupboard (child locked) to pick up a single liquid tablet out!

"Instantly she popped it and it spread over her face, she screamed the most horrific scream ever!

"I stopped dishing up the dinner, which is why my back was turned, not knowing what she'd done only seeing a splatted mess on the floor..."

Simone reacted fast, removed Rainbow’s clothes and ‘threw her’ straight into the bath.

“[I] cleaned her eyes the best I could but she was traumatically fighting me away!

“As a result I took her to A & E and after hours of trying to clean her eyes and inspect the damage I am heartbroken to say she has 95% burnt her left cornea and 5% the right.

“She is in agonising pain and can't open her eyes, it looks as though she's been beaten!


“My poor beautiful little girl will see an eye specialist in the morning as there was no on-call tonight so I shall not know the full extent of the damage until I see the consultant.

“I have had my heart broken various times but this is awful, seeing your child suffer so much over something so bloody simple as washing capsules is traumatising!

“Please everyone move all your dangerous products completely out of reach no matter how old your children, I thought mine were safe enough, clearly not!

“And 30 seconds is all it takes for mischievous hands to explore!”

The next day, Simone thanked those who’d shared her post, and updated well-wishers that Rainbow has managed to open one eye...


Fortunately, Simone's latest update confirmed that after another visit with a consultant and a vision test at the hospital, Rainbow’s now fully recovered and her eyes should be fine.

She wrote: “There are no further concerns so we have been discharged! Hurray!

“Thank you for all the well wishes, my little monkey is def on the mend and is back to being mischievous and cheeky!”

Phew… we’re so relieved that little Rainbow is doing okay!


Well done to Simone for sharing her personal story on a public platform – we imagine the whole experience was nothing short of terrifying.

The big takeaway from this is simple: keep any toxic or potentially dangerous products, no matter how innocent they may seem, up high and as far out of reach as humanly possible.

Because no matter how many child locks you install, little people seem to have a special way of finding things that they shouldn’t...

h/t Manchester Evening News
Images: Facebook/Simone Jones

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