The One Show slammed for baby race – but was it really so bad?

Twitter fans have called it "abusive"... but we're wondering if they should get a grip


Here at MFM HQ, we’re big fans of TV presenter Holly Willoughby – and just earlier this week shared a few parenting tips from her new book.


But her bid to promote the publication on The One Show – by staging a baby race, with babies dressed in Euro 2016 football colours – caused a right old storm on Twitter, with people calling the slot “abusive and shocking”.


One poster commented: “How is The One Show thinking a baby race is an okay thing to do? These babies are fully screaming.”

Another said: “The One Show baby race is horrible. They’re crying and screaming. This isn’t entertainment, it’s just cruel…”

There are 4 babies in the race, all with women we’re guessing are their mums/relatives, and as the music starts, the little ones are encouraged to crawl for about 2 metres to win the race.

The One Show presenter Alex Jones and Holly are cheering the babas on from the sidelines and – while it’s a bit chaotic and there is quite a bit of crying to be heard (that’s what babies do, right?) – we’re not sure we’d exactly deem it cruel as such, though perhaps a wee bit misguided.

Take a look for yourself….

What do you think?

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