Oops, Robbie Williams lets slip sex of baby

Dad-to-be Robbie reveals he and wife Ayda Field are expecting a girl – even though Ayda told him not to!


Robbie Williams has given the game away, revealing he and wife Ayda Field are expecting a baby girl, reports the Mirror.


Reportedly speaking at a Soccer Six event, Robbie said, “It’s a girl. I’m very, very excited about becoming a daddy, I can’t wait.”

But while we’re busy cooing and picturing Robbie shopping for hair bows á la David Beckham, wife Ayda might be a bit annoyed.

“The Mrs is like, ‘Don’t go telling’, and I said I won’t,” Robbie revealed. Oops! Red card for the Soccer Aid star, perhaps?

Robbie’s not alone in spilling the beans when it comes to babies. Earlier this year, Kelly Rowland let slip Beyonce was expecting a girl, while Kourtney Kardashian’s revelation that she was having a girl was marred by her friend having already given it away.


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