Organic baby food sales soar despite credit crunch

Even in the recession, parents are spending bigger than ever on baby food


Organic baby food sales have seen a huge increased, despite the recession seeing cuts in other household costs, reports the Scotsman.


Parents are happy to pay 20% to 30% more on baby food even when cutting costs elsewhere, and the share of the infant food market held by organic products has risen from 46.5% in 2008 to 48.1% in 2009.

According to a report in Grocer, a trade magazine, sales of Ella’s Kitchen, Organix and Plum were up, with Ella’s Kitchen leading the charge – its sales had increased by 174%!

“While people are making cutbacks in other areas of expenditure, babies are an exception,” said the chief executive of Plum, Patrick Cairns. Plum saw a growth of 20%, which is the best Plum’s experienced since it began in 2006.

“We’re pleasantly surprised that sales of organic baby food have increased so much, but not shocked,” said a spokesperson for the Soil Association, which regulates organic food producers.


Are you an organic food convert, or someone who doesn’t see what the fuss is all about? Let us know below…

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