Growing numbers of celeb mums who stay super-slim during pregnancy have caused a worrying case of “mommyrexia” in New York, as mums push themselves unreasonably to keep their bodies in trim shape, during and after pregnancy. Victoria Beckham, Rachel Zoe and January Jones are among the celebrity attributed with inspiring this trend.

This craze has reportedly prompted a whole new industry to materialise, geared towards helping mums to keep or restore their pre-pregnancy figures. Maternity labels are facing demand for smaller clothes. Sportswear companies are launching maternity collections that allow mums to exercise right up until birth. Personal trainers have noted an increase in pressure among pregnant clients. “Hell hath no fury like a post-partum woman trying to get back in the groove,” Joshua Margolis, a personal trainer at Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness, told The New York Post.

Understandably, health experts are disturbed by this trend and they’re placing the blame at the feet of celebrities. Manhattan dietitian Lisa Cohn says that Victoria Beckham’s weight loss “sends a dangerous message to other women out there.”

Eating well and healthily is important in pregnancy - it's not a time to shed pounds. Here are the vital nutrients you and your unborn baby need and where you can get your daily dose. We also explain how much weight you should gain in pregnancy.

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