Over-the-counter paternity testing kit available at Boots

The high street pharmacy stocks the £30 AssureDNA paternity test – and for £299 more, you can get the results in 24 hours


Anyone doubting the paternity of their child can now purchase a £30 DNA test from Boots, as the high street chemist starts to stock the paternity testing kits on its shelves from today.


The AssureDNA kit contains swabs to collect cells from inside the cheek of the child and dad. However, while the pack costs just £30 to buy, you’ll have to fork out an extra £130 for the swab to be sent to a laboratory in Norwich. The results are returned by post, email or phone within five days – or within 24 hours express delivery if you pay £329.


The tests are 99.9% accurate for a positive match, and 100% accurate for a negative result. If you plan to try out the test, just make sure you’re prepared for what you might find…

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