Cakes are serious business

Children just say the weirdest, cutest, most crack-up-funny, logical-but-wrong things. Someone should write them down and keep them for ever. Well, one New York teacher has – with the help of her graphic designer friend – and the result is properly brilliant.


Now with its own Facebook, Live From Snack Time is a compilation of the best out-the-mouths-of-babes 'quotes' overheard in the teacher's playground, and ones sent in by some of the page's many, many fans. We think it has some of the cutest, funniest memes we’ve seen in a long time, so we’ve put together a little selection for your amusement. (Just click through the slideshow to see them all).

We like this cake one but we do actually wonder if ‘she’ (whoever she may be) did really eat the cake ?


Brotherly love

This has to be right up on top of the 'adorable things siblings say' chart. Although, knowing brothers and sisters, she probably stole his snorkel the day after...


Have you got food envy?

Mmm, okaaaay. Think this is one severe case of competitive snack syndrome....

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Well, it kind of makes sense. More than finding a cow in the fridge anyway. ?


Don't you know by name by now?

You tell them, Ray...Sorry, we mean Ryan


Heartbreakingly cute

Somebody give this kid a big hug.


It may sounds nuts to you

It's not just the birds and bees our little ones need to know about!


Dogs eating homework is so last year

If they only put as much effort into doing their homework as thinking up this excuse...