Panda mums have trouble putting toddlers to bed, too: VIDEO

Yes, even baby pandas give mum the runaround at bedtime, as this video from Taipei Zoo shows


‘But I don’t want to go to bed, mum!’: it’s a phrase familiar to all us weary parents of not-weary-enough toddlers. And now it seems even panda parents have their bedtime battles, too.

As you’ll see in this clip, poor old Yuan Yuan, a new-mum panda at Taipei Zoo, has been having a bit of trouble getting her adorable 7-month-old cub Yuan Zai to stay in bed.

The toddler panda simply pads around on her wibbly-wobbly cub feet, ignoring her mum for a good ten minutes of, frankly, sheer not-going-to-bed cheek.

In the end, mum Yuan Yuan clearly has enough, grabs her cub by the scruff of the neck and takes her back to bed.

Little Yuan Zai ain’t going quietly though – and her mum has her work cut out settling her cub back into her bamboo-shoot nest.

It’s a nightly tussle many of non-bamboo-eaters recognise only too well, isn’t it?

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