It's horrible when your little one's bunged up and suffering sinus pain from an infection or a nasty cold.


And we probably all have our own ways of helping ease our tot's symptoms - though perhaps not all as thorough as Rochelle Humes' snot-busting trick.

Specifically tackling the achy throbbing and fullness caused by sinus issues, US mum Sia Cooper shared her simple but effective technique on Instagram with a handy video...

"I wanted to share with you a little something that’s been helpful since my little girl has caught a cold while teething this past week," she wrote beside it.

"We were eating dinner and she could hardly breathe! If you’re not a fan of medication, you can try acupressure and massage to the sinus cavities."

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(If you can't see Sia's vid, by that she means the bridge of the nose, where the ethmoid sinus is, and under the eyes, where the maxillary sinus lives.)


"Simply apply direct pressure with your fingertips and gently rub to get that drainage flowing. Also helps to temporarily relieve a little pressure so your little ones can feel better!

"Also works good for adults, too ?"

Well, anything's worth a go when your baby or child is feeling the full effects, right?

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Image/video: Instagram/Diary Of A Fit Mommy Official

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