Parenting, not poverty, that plays biggest role

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg says parenting impacts on a child’s destiny more than poverty


Lib-Dem politician Nick Clegg, the Deputy PM, has suggested that support from parents can be the most important factor in determining the qualifications and job prospects a child ends up with, reports the Telegraph.


Dad-of-three Nick argued that British children are more likely to end up in the same social and economic class as their parents than children from other developed countries.

“Parents hold the fortunes of the children they bring into this world in their hands. All parents have a responsibility to nurture the potential in their children,” Nick told a group of parents during his speech.

“I know, like any mother or father, how difficult it can be to find the time and the energy to help, for example, with your children’s homework at the end of a busy day.

“But the evidence is unambiguous: if we give them that kind of attention and support when they are young, they will feel the benefits for the rest of their lives,” Nick added.


Do you think children will have a better chance in life if they have good parents rather than money? Let us know…

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